Our Facility

CrossFit Worthington is proud to offer over 8,200 sq ft of training space. Our facility is equipped with Rogue Fitness, Get Rx, and Muscle Driver products. We have thousands of pounds of bumper plates, kettlebells, medicine balls, and dumbbells. There are 4 dedicated Olympic lifting platforms. For our cardio based workouts, we have plyometric boxes, jump ropes, Concept2 Rowers, Assault Bikes and Ski-Ergs. For Strong Man style workouts, we have axel bars, farmers handle bars, yoke, atlas stones, and 100lb D-Balls. We feature a 56ft Rogue Monster Lite rig.

We have 2 private bathrooms and showers.

Meet Our Team

Daniel Mauk

Daniel is a coach who loves to lift. As a young adult, it was a positive outlet that he thoroughly enjoyed. In college, two life-changing events occurred: Daniel began studying exercise physiology and a friend convinced him to try CrossFit. After one session, he got a rude awakening. Despite his years of lifting, nothing prepared him for that type of training.

"I knew I needed to do more if I wanted to consider myself "in shape." So, I became a full-fledged CrossFitter and did everything I could to be stronger and more proficient." That included taking his training to the next level by becoming a certified coach. "It’s a new challenge every day in working with athletes. I love the positive effect that fitness brings to people’s lives."

Amanda Mowry

Amanda is a coach who specializes in endurance and human movement. "I started as an endurance runner, and quickly shifted gears to trail and ultra-distances. I've been on the podium a few times, but my proudest moment was finishing the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run in 26:13. It was based almost entirely on CF GPP programming."

Initially, Amanda earned her Level 1 certification to improve her knowledge base and grow as an athlete. But it merely pushed her into a new career where she could truly excel. "I drew on my past endurance coaching and found a passion for sharing that knowledge and experience with others."